Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The campaign begins

The provincial election campaign doesn't begin until the writ is dropped on September 10, but already we've seen plenty of unofficial campaigning.

PC leader John Tory has stirred the pot with his attempt to lure religiously-minded non-Chrisitians to his party by promising full funding for "faith-based" schools in Ontario.

Locally, the dying carp in the Kawartha Lakes has become a prominent issue, as has GE Peterborough's bid to expand its processing of nuclear fuel to feed the two new nuclear reactors the Liberal government is planning to spend $46 billion on. Meanwhile, just east of here in Sharbot Lake, First Nations communities are occupying their land to prevent potentially dangerous and illegal uranium prospecting.

I'll be commenting in detail on these issues and many more over the next 10 weeks. Please visit this blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from mid-August until after the campaing to find out more.

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